Do the quickly approaching holidays already have you feeling anxious? Did rules about what you were allowed or not allowed to eat ruin the holiday season in your past? Are you already planning how you’re going to lose the weight you put on every year around the holidays?


Remove the stress of restrictive diets this holiday season and rediscover the confidence and joy food can give you through the Healthy for the Holidays 5 Day Challenge. In just a few minutes each day, we will give you everything you need to know about intuitive eating, movement and much more to tackle this holiday season.

This challenge is for you if...

  • You want to prioritize your physical and mental health as you approach 2019

  • You’re ready to stop micromanaging your food choices and want to just enjoy food this holiday season

  • You want to enjoy your friends and family this season, without your weight or body image being at the center of it all

By the end of this challenge, you will...

  • Discover the secret to ending overeating -- even at Thanksgiving dinner -- by being in tune with your natural hunger and fullness cues

  • Learn ways to prioritize exercise for health, not just for changing the shape of your body

  • Take on new stress management techniques, even during the busy holiday season

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